Merciless Motors has developed a new, improved electric motor. It is not an improvement on current electric motor designs, but is instead such a novel idea that it created its own category of motors. Compared to motors with the same power output, a Merciless Motor is 50% lighter and 33% smaller in size, while having an efficiency of ~90% or greater. We are developing and testing our seventh working prototype.

No commutation (electronic or mechanical)

  • No complex controller (Just simple PWM)
  • No brushes (no maintenance required)

Is a 100% DC motor

All parts of the wire are used to contribute to torque

No torque ripple

No vibration

Very easily cooled

  • Hard to burn out
  • More power dense

Universal Motor (Runs on AC and DC)


  • Can run on AC if no permanent magnets are used
  • Can run on AC if the switch for the alternating current happens at the same time in the rotor as in the stator (must be in phase)
  • Runs on single phase AC which is readily available and the simplest form of AC


  • Can run on DC either with or without permanent magnets.
  • If ran on DC there will be no resistance due to inductance because there are no switching magnetic fields

Permanent magnets are not needed (Significantly reduces costs)

Stator and Rotor construction is very simple further reducing costs

  • Stator physical construction is similar if not identical to current BLDC/AC motors so adaptation in production lines is seamless

Can easily control rotor and stator separately


exec team

Nader Ahmed - Founder, Sole Inventor and Head Engineer

Alongside developing the motor technology and crafting each prototype for four years, Nader studies as a full-time Mechanical Engineer student at NYU and is the NYU Hyperloop Team Captain. Growing up, he acquired hands-on working experience on electric motors, cars, motorcycles and commercial and private airplanes. His hands-on experience greatly influenced his practical approach to working on this new electric motor.

exec team

Anna Eva Kotyza - Founder and Head of Business Development

Alongside overseeing business development, Anna studies as a full-time Business, Innovation and Technology student at NYU. Previously, she worked as a Business Development Assistant and Researcher for a startup, helping it secure Series A and Series B VC Funding. She has also worked within Public Relations, Human Resources, and pitching as a filmmaker. She helps manage/coordinate her family’s charity, organizing events and teams of people.


Nader Ahmed:


Anna Eva Kotyza